The Day That Tom (Almost?) Got Away

It was an extravagantly beautiful day in Bloomington,  and I had finished all of the droll paperwork I have the opportunity to do each and every day. One of the great perks of my job is that it is my job to spend time with my clients. Pretty great, huh? I went upstairs to retrieve a client from the depths of his  dark bedroom, where his entire day had thus far been consumed by video-games, and prompted him to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

Shortly thereafter, we were walking along Bloomington’s B-Line walking trail, having a grand old chat about his life, his interests and how he has been doing with his treatment of late. These are some of my favorite conversations with my crew, and all under the bright sun and blue sky. Such joy!

As we were walking back to the house, we were suddenly accosted by a loud banging THUD not far from our location. We paused, looking at one another and then across the street where there sat two vehicles. The first that we noticed was un-moving, and seemed to be the source of the sound. We waited and watched for what seemed like a very long time, but was probably only a handful of seconds, and I finally noticed a shadow beneath the van, towards the front end. This is where we set our focus.

The shadow remained in place momentarily and then our eyes followed as it darted towards the rear tire well, and then things got really interesting…

What darted from behind that white van elicited some choice words from my companion and left me wondering if there is anything I won’t encounter in this strange world. The bipedal creature, standing roughly three and a half feet tall and sporting a beautiful plumage, dashed away from the back of the van and towards the far end of the parking lot. I really could hardly believe what I was witnessing!

It gets weirder folks…

While completely bewildered and still attempting to process what we were seeing, my focus was broken and then shifted to the sound of an engine starting and doors slamming. I witnessed two grown men and a woman jumping into a small truck. The vehicle quite literally peeled out of the parking spot it was in, tires squealing, and immediately began pursuit of the fowl.

Now I understood the origin of this bird, after having primarily been wondering from whence a turkey had spawned not far from downtown Bloomington. This trio had apparently been transporting a live turkey for some purpose, and it had escaped their grasp as one of them (presumably the woman) exited the vehicle to enter the Gynecologist’s office to which this lot belongs.

The truck sped off behind the building and into a connected lot, at which point we lost sight of the ordeal. My companion and I discussed whether to pursue this matter any further, and decided to let this one go unresolved. I pray the bird succeeded in it’s escape. Godspeed Tom.

Much Love and Many Blessings friends,

Brady J. L. Smith


One thought on “The Day That Tom (Almost?) Got Away

  1. Brady, I enjoyed this and several other entries. You’ve got a knack for capturing stories from your life with just enough reflection to add a dimension of meaning and self-revelation. Keep this up, and you’ll not only share your life with your readers, but you’ll also find yourself paying attention more closely to your life. Keep going, and I’ll keep reading!


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