(Never) Underestimate

This post is a bit of an experiment for me. Of late, I have been both very busy and very uninspired artistically. Regardless, I recognize my need to practice this thing called writing on a regular basis.

Today, I have decided to respond to a “writing prompt,” where the prompt is one word; Underestimate.

The first thing that comes to mind upon hearing this word is an old favorite band of mine named Relient K.  This band was incredibly important to me in those pivotal middle and high school years, as I began to wrestle with identity, spirituality, puberty and the realization that cooties weren’t actually something to be concerned about.

I can’t quite explain why, but Relient K just got me. They sang about everything from dating and breakups, to the fear of college days to come, to the fact that every young woman should wear mood rings for the safety and sanity of men worldwide. They even sang about the Thundercats, who happened to be one of my favorite shows as a young lad. Most importantly, they were a talented group of young men that I looked up to and aspired to be like who sang about the God I love and for whom I do my best to live my life.

Since the very first day I heard it on the radio while driving with my dad one afternoon, Relient K’s “Never Underestimate My Jesus” has been a reminder to me that my God can do everything, and that He empowers me to do the same. This always has been and likely always will be one of my favorite songs.

When I was in high school and beginning to lead worship in youth group, one of my closest friends and I co-lead this song for our congregation, and it is an experience I may never forget. The unity of two young men singing their hearts out for the love of their God, to the tune of their mutual favorite band, was a profound and moving four minutes, not only for me, but seemingly for the entire congregation.

Many years later, I would graduate from Purdue University and be treated by darling Katherine to an unexpected trip to see this band that had always meant so much to me. I was thrilled to have this experience with this amazing woman, and it has only bolstered my fondness for the band. This was easily one of the greatest gifts I have received in my short 23 years thus far, and I am so thankful for the experience.

Short and sweet, and rather basic. Here is a small tidbit of who I am. I hope you have enjoyed this little journey into my heart.

Be Blessed my Friends,

Brady J. L. Smith



One thought on “(Never) Underestimate

  1. You’re welcome Babe. I am so happy to have helped feed the continuing desire for Relient K in you. I thank you for the wonderful experience and for helping me appreciate the band more and more. Too bad for your sake that I do not wear a mood ring. (;

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